About Us

Why can no one find a Sasquatch?  It's not that Sasquatch don't exist, it's that they're too busy making high quality apparel with unique designs to bother interacting with the outside world!  And who is the leader of these hairy garment makers across the globe?  The Squatch King of course!   
It's a long story as to how we met the Squatch King, but we can assure you that he's real and his shirts are spectacular!  He's pictured in our Squatch King Threads logo with his trademark crown and aviator sunglasses that he wears at night (of course). Every full moon we meet him deep in the forest and load up a new batch of shirts and make them available to discerning customers like you! 
So order away and you'll be on your way to be as cool as the Squatch King!  
Phone: 888-578-6799